Five things to do if your depressed

I’m going to be short and to the point on this because there really is just a little you can try to do if your seriously depressed.

1. Get out of that bed unless your deeply sleeping, I’m telling you it won’t get better in the bed, it just won’t.

2. Take your medicine as prescribed with a little food so it get’s completely absorbed, and call your doctor.

3. I know it’s hard to impossible but it helps and might be the start of a solution, take a long hot shower, wash your hair, put lotion on your body, blow dry your hair, brush your teeth. See now you’re taking care of yourself and that feels a little better. Don’t go back in your bedroom.

4. Get your journal or some paper and start writing. Write whatever is in your head. If it doesn’t make sense do it it anyway. Then when your really spent, make a list of things to tell your doctor. When did it start? How long you’ve been on said medication? Any side effects? What have you been thinking about? Tell him some of the things you wrote. You want to get better right?

5. Stay out of bed until he calls. You have to be alert enough to tell him the whole story. Meanwhile get out your contacts and call someone if you have call waiting, tell them you feel like crap just talking about it helps. If that doesn’t appeal to you than get up and do something, anything but don’t go into the bedroom. Motivation comes after you start the task not before so you won’t feel like doing anything but do it anyway.

A last note is I understand depression from a personal viewpoint. I think depression is part chemical and part what you are thinking. I realize not everyone can do all 5 of these things but if you never force yourself to you’ll never know. At least call the doctor and take medication as prescribed.

I hope this helps someone. Leave me a comment please and like it if you like it. I appreciate all my readers and fellow bloggers.


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