kristy writes

Hello everyone, I have missed many of you while trudging down some other roads.  I’m trying my hand at short stories, they are in parts so you don’t have to read it all in one sitting.  My first one is simply called “Ralph and Lona”  I think it’s good but it is my first story ever.

I was writing about depression and it was okay for a short time, then I just stopped getting comments.  I suffer from depression, sometimes fighting with it for long periods of time so I know how to help others suffering the same fate.  That was my goal but it didn’t work out.  

If you remember me check out my new site “”  let me know what you think of my first short story.


Thanks, love you all, bloggers, readers, friends.


2 thoughts on “kristy writes

  1. Kristy don’t stop writing about “Depression” because you’re not getting any hits! Write because you want to help others,God will bring them in,so get busy.
    Love you 🙂

  2. Your my amazing friend who I adore, I am re-doing my entire site, traveling through the pain, and just waiting on what to do with the other. Maybe it’s keywords? Thanks, Love you

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