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This blog came about because it was one of the first adult experiences that really impacted my life.  Basically I came from a middle to poor class family that was dysfunctional.  Without getting into details my biological mother wasn’t present and my stepmother and father were alcoholics for as long as I remember.  However, regardless of circumstances there comes a time in your life where you make a decision to be different than from where you came.  I never wanted to be alcoholic or live in a dirty home, or not have nice clothes.  I wanted more for my life and my children and some of it worked out and some of it didn’t.  This is a story of young love, independence, fear, courage, triumph, sadness and finally peace with the world. My hope is that somewhere in my story you will be able to identify with some event or some similar feeling.  Thank you for reading.

Traveling through the pain to peace.

When I was in the Army I fell in love with Kevin.  The chemistry was perfect and we loved each other.  We went places and did things every week-end and made love whenever we were together.  We were stationed at Ft. Gordon, Georgia.  He was full-time Army and I was Army Reserves.  When my training was over I had to go back to Delaware and he thought he was going to Alaska.  He came to see me in Delaware his first long week-end and we couldn’t stand being apart. When he went back to Georgia he got orders for Tacoma, Washington.



One thought on “About this Blog

  1. Hi Kristy, When I went to Gravatar, I saw three sites. I am following here. I had trouble with the site that had “My Story” and “Mental Health” – no posts.

    Nice to meet you in the online sort of way 🙂

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